At one time or another, most of us face difficulties of a psychological kind. The trigger might be one of life’s big transitions, strain or stress outside the capacities of our coping skills, abuse or violence, loss of beloved ones, diagnosis of a serious illness. Sometimes simply a lasting situation of too heavy work-loads or overwhelming amounts of information. Sometimes the trigger may seem insignificant, but we all have vulnerable topics which, when being activated, may initiate major problems.

Our reaction to problems ought not be considered an illness or disorder. They may rather be understood as basically healthy reactions to an unfavourable situation in life or as a less than optimal coping strategy for the situation at hand. Regardless of which, the emotional trouble represents signals telling us to make changes, either of the external conditions or the way we understand, think or handle the present situation. Insights into how our own behavior influences other people, and sometimes cause trouble to ourselves, also are of great help.

Most psychological and psychosomatic problems are “normal”, and available to brief therapy/hypnosis with good results.This goes even for long-lasting problems.