Leadership coaching

Many leaders find their position to be rather lonesome. Discussions with colleagues are often disturbed by secondary agendas and professional roles. Today, many leaders therefore find an external coach or mentor with whom a high degree of openness and confidentiality is available, and problem-solving can become creative. The face to face-situation is definately best to create a confidential and relaxed atmosphere. I therefore exclusively keep that as my way of working, not working on digital platforms.

I concentrate on four parallel roles/processes when advising or coaching:

  • Being a facilitator for creative problem-solving regarding current problems
  • Being a sparring partner in strategic and other significant decisions
  • Being a personal advisor for the leader’s own private decisions and priorities
  • Being a teacher of topics within psychology, organisation and leadership

Specifically this means:

  • We solve current problems and plan for changes together
  • I explicitly facilitate and teach the processes we follow
  • I help the leader understand his/her own behaviour as cause of the state of affairs, and to develop a broader behavioural repertory