Throughout the last 40 years I have helped people with a wide range of problems in a my private practice. In addition, I have been an advisor at a clinic for patients with sexually related problems. I have also worked as a family counsellor and field worker for troubled youngsters in the streets of Oslo. In 2017 I was employed at a clinic for elder drug-addicts.

Conditions for private psychological consulting and brief therapy:

I treat clients struggling with a wide range of challenges and problems. However, I don’t have the capacity to handle heavy or long-lasting psychiatric disorders or addiction, as treatment requiring long term follow-up or support between consultations is beyond my capacity.

For private clients the services cost NOK 1250 per full hour.

I have no agreement with the authorities, so the expenses will not be due to any compensation or tax relief.

I am committed to follow “Ethical principles for Nordic psychologists”.